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Who’s The Proprietor Of BlockTV-Gambia?

Mohammed Kah, a rapper, producer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, engineer, actor, label executive, CEO of BlockTV-Gambia, husband, and father of 3 was born in the Late 1970s at Medina Serign Mass and grew up in Ndugu Kebbeh and Pipeline. Mo hawk AKA Rap Khalifa started his music career in 1997 with a legendary group DA FUGITIVZ. He graduated from Gambia High Senior Secondary School, despite having a career as an artist, Rap Khalifa still furthered his education and became one of the first Gambian musicians to bag a university degree in Sound Production/Sound Design. He got his sound production degree from Wolverhampton University, UK.

The Block Ent Studio UK

After establishing Block recording studio in 2009, the multi-talented rapper dropped his first album as a solo artist called “RAP KHALIFA” in 2010 then followed by an EP called “Knowledge” which was released in 2018.

Mo Hawk is well respected as an artist in the Gambia and recognized internationally. He has been featured in an international album “Hip Hop had a Dream: The worldwide tape, Vol. 2″.

As a veteran rapper, producer, and label executive, Mo Hawk signed and help many Gambian artists like Jizzle, Big Faa, MC Mbye, Jalimadi Kanuteh, Sophia Byass, Daddy J, etc to build up their careers and also produced songs for ST, Mighty Joe among others.

Rap Khalifa is featured in a movie series called ” A second chance”, produced by Sohnabros. He plays the role of the school principal. The movie premiere is on 2nd January 2021 at Metzy Hotel.

Mo Hawk and colleagues who paved way for others in the Gambian music industry and entertainment industry, in general, deserve to be celebrated.

Well done RAP KHALIFA!!!!!

Da Fugitivz Live Concert




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