OIC salutes UAE’s humanitarian aid to Sudan


In a media despatch, His Excellency Hissein_Brahim_Taha, the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), commends the provision of humanitarian aid by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the benefit of the Sudanese people, represented by three planes loaded with 115 tons of medical and food supplies. This assistance came after a previous pledge by the UAE to provide $50 million, an amount dedicated to urgent humanitarian assistance for #Sudan.

The Secretary-General expressed his thanks to the UAE leadership for this praiseworthy initiative, which aims to strengthen Islamic solidarity and support the Islamic people during crises.
On the other hand, the Secretary-General reiterated his urgent appeal to the rest of the OIC Member States, financial and humanitarian institutions, and international donors to expedite the provision of urgent humanitarian assistance to Sudan in light of the worsening humanitarian situation. Sudan is especially in need of medical supplies and health services, and support to the efforts of Sudan’s neighboring countries in hosting many Sudanese and foreign refugees