Police confirm: Commissioner Banda and others under investigation


In a statement despatch to the media, The Gambia Police Force hereby confirms the ongoing investigation into alleged criminal cases of stealing and related offenses involving Commissioner Lamin Banda and other individuals in the Lower River Region.

“Contrary to the information making the rounds on social media, Commissioner Banda and co are currently undergoing investigation on alleged cases of stealing and other related offenses at the Special Investigation Unit at Gambia Police Force Headquarters in Banjul. “

“Meanwhile, Police investigators are pursuing other leads resulting from this incident of alleged stealing to substantiate the allegations and establish a prima facie case, if any, for further appropriate action. “

The state further stated that While this investigation is underway, the members of the public are advised against spreading false and misleading information about emerging issues. Swirling false and baseless information is a violation of the Gambian Law.