Brikama Sports Committee Suffers Devastating Loss Estimated at 488,000.00 Dalasis Following Shops Demolition



By: Ebrima Fadera

Brikama Sports Committee, a prominent sporting body in Brikama, has suffered a staggering financial loss of an estimated 488,000.00 Dalasis following the unexpected demolition of their shops. The demolition has raised concerns about the committee’s ability to fulfill its obligations and support the various sports teams under its purview.

It’s categorically clear that the shops around the Box-ba perimeter fence contribute significantly to the committee’s revenue, aside from the annual elimination qualification and the Nawattan Competition.

In an interview with Mr. Jawara, the Treasurer of the Brikama Sports Committee, he outlined the challenges that the committee now faces due to the demolition and discussed the potential ramifications for its operations. Mr. Jawara expressed deep concern over the financial setback and highlighted the vital role that the demolished shops played in generating revenue for the committee.

The Brikama Sports Committee, responsible for managing Brikama United Male and Female football teams, as well as basketball and volleyball teams, heavily relied on the income generated from the shops. The loss of these establishments will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the committee’s ability to finance its activities and provide necessary support to the teams.

The demolished shops represented a substantial investment for the Brikama Sports Committee. The revenue generated from these establishments was instrumental in covering various expenses, including player salaries, equipment procurement, and administrative costs. With the loss of this income stream, the committee now faces an uphill battle in maintaining its financial stability and fulfilling its obligations effectively.

Moreover, the financial loss will have a direct impact on the teams under the committee’s umbrella. Efforts to mitigate the losses and seek avenues for recuperation are underway, but the immediate impact remains a cause for worry among committee members and supporters alike. The Brikama Sports Committee now faces an uphill battle to navigate this unforeseen crisis and restore stability to its operations.

Mr. Jawara expressed optimism that with the necessary assistance and proactive measures, the committee can overcome this setback and continue its mission of nurturing sporting talent and promoting sports in Brikama. “We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure the growth and development of sports in Brikama. Losing these shops is not just a financial setback; it hampers our ability to provide opportunities and support to our talented athletes,” he added.

The loss of the shops represents a significant blow to the Brikama Sports Committee, impacting its financial stability and ability to support the four teams under its purview. The committee now faces the arduous task of finding alternative revenue streams and looking for solutions to ensure the uninterrupted development of sports in the community.