Beakayang urges government, institutions  to align policies and practices  to human rights

By: Maimuna Jatta

While delivering his opening statement at the 2023 InternationalHuman Rights Dayy symposium at Boabab Hotel on Sunday, The Executive Director of Beakayang, Mr Nfamara Jawno  Jawneh highlighted that they are turning on the government and institutions in their human rights crusade. The proactive grassroots human rights advocates call on stakeholders to reaffirm their commitments to human rights principles, aligning policies and practices with the value of freedom, equality, and justice for students.

He added that international human day is not just a day of celebration, but a day of reckoning a global call to action to address the persistent challenges that undermine the principles.

Mr Jawneh says International Human Rights Day provides them with the opportunity to reflect on their achievements, and challenges and put in strategies to overcome the challenges they face in advancing human rights

Meanwhile, Beakayang organizes inter-school quizzes for 15 schools Armitage Senior Secondary School emerged as the winner followed by Masroor Senior Secondary School.

In this regard, Mr Jawneh says empowering schools and communities with knowledge and resources is essential. “ enabling them to actively participate in the protection and promotion of human rights at the grassroots levels” he stated.

The colorful event began with a march-pass and ended with an interactive symposium, which was graced by human rights advocates from different localities.