Vice President Jallow Opens 3rd Permanent Secretaries Retreat


In a momentous gathering at the SDKJ International Conference Centre, Vice President Mohammed BS Jallow today, 18th December 2023 inaugurated the 3rd Permanent Secretaries Retreat.
In his opening address, VP Jallow underscored the significance of the three-day forum, describing it as a capstone to 2023 and a pivotal stride toward The Gambia’s future. He eloquently traced the transformative journey of the country’s public service since 2016, citing the establishment of the Ministry of Public Services as a key milestone.
In a call to action, the Vice President urged participants to draw lessons from both the successes and challenges of past retreats, emphasizing the seamless transition into the new National Development Plan.
“I urge you to consider how to strengthen your oversight roles in project implementation within your ministries and beyond. I task this retreat with supporting the Department of Strategic Policy and Delivery under the Ministry of Public Service in establishing a robust feedback mechanism for President Barrow’s flagship projects,” said VP Jallow.

Pointing to tangible progress like the Bertil Harding OIC road project and modern health facilities, VP Jallow urged participants to replicate success stories nationwide.
As he extended Christmas and New Year’s greetings on behalf of President Adama Barrow, he expressed wishes for renewed hope and determination.
The Minister of Public Service Baboucarr Bouy echoed VP Jallow’s sentiments, emphasizing the retreat’s focus on navigating the Green Recovery-focused National Development Plan (2023-2027), for progress.
Calling for transparency and data-driven decision-making, the Minister urged for collective efforts to make 2024 a year of delivery, even in the face of resource constraints.


Source: DOIS