Three German Students Brave Three Weeks Odyssey, Driving from Germany to Gambia


By: Ebrima Fadera

In a remarkable feat of adventure and determination, three German students, Alina Frieseke, Pia Linnemann, and Stella Frieseke, three adventurous German students, have accomplished an incredible feat by driving a vehicle from Germany to the Gambia. Their remarkable journey, organized by the Dresden-Banjul-Organisation (DBO), took them through multiple countries, testing their resilience and teamwork along the way. The trio embarked on their expedition on the 2nd of February 2024 and reached their destination, Gambia, on the 22nd of February 2024.

Alina, a 22-year-old student studying Teaching in Germany, shared her excitement about the adventure, remarking, “It was a good adventure. Every day, we drove for eight hours or sometimes even more, changing drivers every two hours. We spent the nights in the car, and it was an incredible experience.

Pia, a 20-year-old student, also expressed her impressions of the journey. She revealed that the team plans to return to Germany by flight and intends to sell the vehicle they used for the journey. The proceeds from the sale will be directly contributed to the project. Pia added, “We will be staying at the Kindergarten Bottrop and will occasionally assist with the children there.”

Stella Frieseke, 19 years old, shared their challenges and triumphs along the way. While they encountered a few obstacles, such as getting stuck in the sand and experiencing a breakdown, they overcame them with the help of their team spirit. Stella said, “We didn’t have many problems, but occasionally we would get stuck in the sand, and we had to support each other. We also faced some challenges at the borders. However, we enjoyed every moment, and working as a team made it even more rewarding.”

The trio was part of a rally that comprised 22 vehicles, organized by the Dresden-Banjul-Organisatio They proudly represented the Bottrop Project, the only team from Bottrop in the rally. The students expressed their gratitude to the people of Bottrop for their support and encouragement throughout the journey.

Their courageous and successful endeavor not only showcased their determination and spirit of adventure but also contributed to a noble cause. The funds generated from the sale of their vehicle will directly benefit the project they supported, while they plan to share their time and skills with the children at the Kindergarten Bottrop.

Alina, Pia, and Stella’s remarkable journey stands as an inspiration to all, demonstrating the power of perseverance, teamwork, and the pursuit of meaningful adventures. Their story will undoubtedly be remembered as a testament to the indomitable human spirit.