Basirou Diomaye Faye rejects Macky Sall’s inauguration proposal


On April 2, Bassirou Diomaye Faye planned to hold a simple swearing-in ceremony at the Constitutional Council’s premises. However, the Presidential services informed him that the outgoing President, Macky Sall, had already invited 15 heads of state and government to the ceremony. As a result, the Council room would be too small to accommodate all the guests. The arrangements had already been made to hold the ceremony at the stadium, but Bassirou rejected the idea and finally decided to hold the ceremony in the Abdou Diouf room in Diamniadio.In addition, the outgoing President, Macky Sall, made some nominations to the Supreme Court and the High Council, which was not allowed under the Constitution. He also signed a decree to integrate the gendarmerie into the army.As a result, people are wondering whether Macky Sall is intentionally obstructing his successor’s first steps or if he has lost his mind.