Police: Atlantic Pharmaceuticals Company was granted permission to import medicines that caused the death of 66 children


An investigation by the Office of the Inspector General of Police’s Crime Management Coordination Unit revealed the following information following the outbreak of acute kidney injuries that claimed the lives of at least 66 children in The Gambia.

A license was granted by The Gambia’s Ministry of Health to Atlantic Pharmaceuticals Company to import medicines and medical-related products.

According to investigations, Atlantic Pharmaceuticals Company Limited ordered 15, 000 bottles of 100ml Makoff baby cough syrup, 15, 000 bottles of 100ml Magrip cold syrup, 10, 000 bottles of 100ml promethazine baby syrup and 10, 000 bottles of 125ml kofexmalin baby cough syrup. Consequently, 50, 000 bottles of baby syrups were contaminated.

The deaths of these children were related to four contaminated Indian-made baby cough, maghrib, and cold syrups, as well as promethazine syrup and kofexmalin baby cough syrups imported into the Gambia by Atlantic Pharmaceuticals Company Limited.

MCA has quarantined/seized 41, 462 bottles of contaminated baby syrup out of 50, 000 bottles, leaving 8, 538 bottles unaccounted for out of the aforementioned amount.

Furthermore, our investigation team has identified pending issues requiring clarification with the necessary evidential material.

The general public is once again urged to remain calm during this difficult time as the investigation into this matter continues.