Polish embassy donates educational materials to Gambian schools

Polish embassy donates educational materials to Gambian schools

The Fajara skills center recently received sewing machines, embroidery machines, and other vocational training tools from the Polish Embassy in the Republic of Senegal with accreditations to The Gambia.Polish embassy donates educational materials to Gambian schools

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The presentation was led by Mrs. Agata Majsnerowicz, Consul at the Embassy, at the school compound in Fajara, where Mrs. Jean Able Thomas, headmistress, graciously received it.

These gifts are essential for the Clean Government’s improvement help program subsidized by “Clean Guide” through the Clean Unfamiliar Service.

According to Mrs. Majsnerowicz, the purpose of the assistance program is to boost the political, economic, and social potential of partners in development.

“We support institutional limit building and reinforcing human resources with the goal that social orders can figure out their own answers for their concerns and, furthest extent conceivable, assume a sense of ownership with their future, improvement, and success,” the Clean consular said.

She went on to say that Poland’s foreign policy relies heavily on development assistance to accomplish its objectives, and that Poland strengthens its political, economic, and social ties with Polish Aid partner nations through assistance programs.

It may be recalled that the inability of St. Francis High School in Kunkujang to provide computer classes to its students has made it difficult recently. However, a brand-new computer lab with 44 workstations is ready and operational thanks to Polish Aid support from the Polish Foreign Ministry.