President Barrow expresses concerns about the alarming crime rate in the country


Delivering his Independence speech this morning, The Gambian President Adama Barrow has promised tough action on violent crimes including robbery and stabbing.

Barrow’s tough stance comes as violent crime incidents are rising in the country. Last week, an armed robbery gang attacked police guards in Fass Njaga leaving a police corporal and two other civilians severely injured.

However, Barrow vowed that his government will not allow such violent crimes to continue in the country. He pleaded with the public to report suspected criminals to the authorities for tougher actions. “Recent reports of armed robbery, stabbing, and such unfamiliar brutal acts of cowardice in our society threaten national security.

“I call on the general public to step up a neighbourhood watch and be more vigilant. Criminal acts leading to loss of lives will not be accepted and will not be tolerated,” Barrow said.