CSO Observations at polls opening: women formed the majority of early voters


The civil society Coalition on Elections reported that women formed the majority of early voters as observed by their various observers across the country.

“Reports from our observers indicate that polling stations generally opened on time at 8 am. Only a handful of polling stations opened a few minutes after 8 am, with the latest being 8.24 am. The processes to be observed for the official opening of polling stations and the start of voting were generally followed. Electoral materials were adequately available, and polling stations were found to be at the designated place. There was an adequate presence of IEC polling staff and polling agents, security personnel, and observers. Media presence is low at the opening of polls. Generally, the opening of polls went off smoothly without any major incidences of disruptions, violations, or delays reported.”

The coalition further reported a low turnout but said the election atmosphere was generally calm and orderly.
“However, a low voter turnout has been observed, so far though women formed the majority of early voters.  In line with good practice, priority is given to persons with disabilities, the elderly, and pregnant women to vote first.”