Negative MRI test results: South Sudan U17 team disqualifies in Algeria


South Sudan U17 Nation Negative al team Disqualified from AFCON U17 Algeria 2023 Due to Non-Eligibility of Five (5) Players After MRI Test,their FA announced in a press dispatch.

“The South Sudan Football Association regrets to announce that our team has been disqualified from the  AFCON U17 Algeria 2023 due to the non-eligibility of five (5) players after the MRI test.

The MRI test was conducted on the 26th April 2023  to ensure that all players meet the age eligibility criteria set by the competition’s regulations. Unfortunately, we received yesterday 28th April 2023 notification from CAF that five of our players did not pass the MRI test and were deemed ineligible to participate in the competition, Although two of the five players were part of the team which participated in the zonal qualifiers and passed the MRI eligibility in Ethiopia last September 2022.”

Albino Kuek Deng, Spokesperson of the South Sudan Football Association they, immediately wrote a complaint to CAF medical committee an official complaint against their decision attaching the MRI results they earlier did in Juba , in accordance to Article 27.6 sub article (iii) of the U17 regulations. Unfortunately he said their complaint was rejected.

“We fully understand and respect the decision made by the competition’s organizers, and we apologize to our fans, sponsors, and partners for any disappointment this may cause.

South Sudan Football Association  would like to emphasize that we have always been committed to fair play and sportsmanship. We have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that all our players meet the eligibility criteria set by the competition’s regulations. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, some of our players were unable to participate in the competition.”