Today is may day 2023


“Traditionally, this day is celebrated in this country in a form of a march pass wherein the Trade Union Representative will deliver a statement to government through my Ministry, and this is followed by competition in various sports disciplines to punctuate the celebration to ensure workers feel the sense and spirit of togetherness, know each other and to share experience and increase closer collaboration among stakeholders. The Government takes pleasure in joining you in this celebration as a sign of the good relationship that existed between the tripartite partners in the industry, i.e government, employers and providers of labour,” words of Minister of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment, on the occasion of Workers Day, celebrated worldwide on 1st May.

“Given the proliferation of interest groups across the labour landscape, the government through my ministry will soon create a platform to encourage dialogue amongst these very important structures. We equally encourage employers and workers to also build trust and cordial relations and avoid resorting to the Industrial tribunal for redress”.

The Minister made reference to the recent launch of the National Employment Policy and Action Plan 2022-2026 which targets creation of 150,000 jobs over the policy life cycle, as a demonstration of government’s intentions to provide employment opportunities for the youth population.