BST Galaxy’s appeal succeeds:GFF appeals committee penalizes Jarra West FC


In a public notice, the Gambia Football Federation Organising Committee said they have forfeited three points and two goals from Jarra West and awarded them to BST Galaxy following a successful protest by the latter.

“It was discovered by the Committee that Modou Lamin Bah is a player of BST Galaxy and on loan at Jarra West. However, he wasn’t cleared to play against his parent club, contrary to the new competition rules as agreed at the most recent Pre-season Club Management Meeting, thus, the basis of their successful appeal.”

Meanwhile, the GFF Appeals Committee also sat over the appeal filed by BST Galaxy against the decision of the Organising Committee to award three points and two goals to GPA for using a player without clearance.
“In the light of the above, it is the conclusion of the GFF Appeals Panel that Omar Njie did not need a clearance to move to BST Galaxy FC, and his contract/move to BST Galaxy FC did not infringe any rule,” the decision by the Appeals Committee read in part.
“This is because he had completed his three-year contract with the aforesaid team and isn’t required to secure any clearance to play for another team in line with our competition rules and regulations.
Thus, the earlier decision has been rescinded hence the changes on the latest standings.”