Activista coordinator enjoins voters to value competence

Polling Station

Ansumana Camara,  the National Coordinator of Activista Gambia has called on voters to vote wisely and value competence.
“It’s election day and voting is both a civil right and responsibility, so we challenge every legible voter to take a few minutes of your time to go out and vote peacefully. Exercise your rights, and be responsible in ensuring that you safeguard our peaceful coexistence. The Gambia remains a single family, maintain that good relationship and keep being your brother’s keeper.”

He said that elections day is also a day to reflect and as well to decide what happens to you and your resources for the next five (5) years. Remember to value competence. Pay heed to those with good leadership qualities, for they will make choices and decisions on your behalf. This is what we mean when we ask voters to vote wisely.

“Ensure you have done enough background checks on new candidates you wish to vote for, and also ask if you’ve scored the incumbent to determine if he deserves your vote because your vote is your voice and power. Your actions today will determine what happens to you in the coming years, so be bright, vote-wise! “