Gambia Participates in full gear to observe Mayoral/Chairmanship



The Gambia Participates restates its commitment to the objective, non-partisan observation of the Mayoral/Chairmanship election while delivering its pre- elect-election at the Bakadaji Hotel on election eve

“As the Gambia’s largest non-partisan and independent movement of citizens observers, Ga Zambia Participates will be providing systematic, accurate, and timely information on the election day process. For the 2023 Mayoral/Chairmanship election, Gambia paparticipatesill momobilizeore than 207 observers,n including 154 stationary observers and 53 constituency supervisors who will serve as roving observers in all 7 regions and 53 constituencies of the Gambia.’

The statement signed by Executive Director Marr Nyang further indicated in their statement that it will employ a systematic apapproachho data collection analysis using sta standardized checklist to gather information on the equality of the process

“The Gambia Participates is fully prepared to observe the election on behalf of the people of the Gambia, to ensure the people’s vovotesre accurately counted. We  call the Independent Electoral Commission to ensure prompt and timely deployment of its pepersonnelnd election materials, to  ensure proper timely communication with stakeholders on election day process plans to address challenges as they happen to inspire citizens’ confidence in the process.”

The Gambia Participates while calling on security to adequately deploy pepersonnelnd conform to ethics, It also adadvisesarty supporters to refrain from violence and vote- by vote-buying to electoral secrecy rules