Today is World Teachers  Day

The Gambia Teachers’ Union joins the global community in celebrating, observed annually on October 5th. This year’s domesticated theme underscores the importance of nurturing and empowering educators to provide quality education to our children and youth.

“Teachers are the foundation of every society, shaping the future by educating the next generation. They play a vital role in equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for personal and societal growth. However, they often face numerous challenges, including inadequate resources, low compensation, and a lack of professional development opportunities.

To address these issues and ensure high-quality education, the Gambia Teachers’ Union calls for establishing an Education Service Commission. This would ensure a more transparent and merit-based criteria for recruiting and selecting educators to ensure the highest standards in the profession, fair compensation, improved working conditions, and access to essential resources for teachers amongst others.

Furthermore, the Gambia Teachers’ Union firmly believes that establishing an Education Service Commission will strengthen the education sector, attract the best talent to the teaching profession, and ultimately benefit our children and society.

On this World Teachers Day, we urge policymakers, education stakeholders, and the public to recognize teachers’ crucial role in shaping our world’s future. Let us commit to providing educators with the support, respect, and resources they need to excel in their noble profession.”