President Barrow Calls for Stronger Partnership in Fighting Cancer

Banjul, 22 March 2024:  His Excellency President Adama Barrow has called for
collaboration between The Gambia and key stakeholders in the fight against cancer during an
audience with the leader of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mr Alfred Carago,
with his team.
The team, led by Honourable Minister of Health Dr Lamin Samateh, briefed the President on
assessing the capacities and needs to improve The Gambia's cancer programme infrastructure.
President Barrow emphasised that joining forces would help leverage the Government's efforts to
tackle a growing cancer burden to make a more significant impact on the lives of people with
cancer. He urged all the stakeholders to work together to sustain lifesaving opportunities for all
those who are impacted by cancer.

Hon. Dr Samateh stressed the rise of liver cancer and breast and prostate cancer cases in many
developing countries, of which The Gambia is not an exception. We have seen quite several cases of cancer mortality in the country, which is a result of the late arrival of patients in
health facilities." He said.

Hon. Dr Samateh commended President Barrow's Administration for setting up a Cancer Control
Programme Unit under the Ministry of Health, which advocates, sensitises, supports and
coordinates early diagnosis and treatment activities.
Collaborating with partners like the UN agencies, The Government is taking a holistic approach
to cancer control for continuous care. It will explore continuous dialogue and knowledge sharing
to improve cancer treatment and radiation therapy in The Gambia.

Speaking to the Press, Dr Samateh applauded First Lady H.E. Fatoumatta Bah Barrow for her
significant strides in fighting cancer through advocacy for cancer education and prevention,
including making advanced cancer treatment available to more patients.