Presidential: Macky Sall warns candidates who will claim victory without the official result

March 24, 2024
This Sunday, March 24, 2024, while Senegal is experiencing a crucial day with the presidential election, outgoing President Macky Sall, whose mandate ends on April 2, fulfilled his civic duty by voting in the region of Fatick, where it originated. After voting, President Sall delivered a speech aimed at rallying and calling for accountability, particularly regarding the proclamation of results.
In his speech, Macky Sall first expressed his gratitude to the Senegalese people for their political maturity and their sense of duty, stressing that the electoral campaign took place in conditions of calm and serenity, despite the specific circumstances of This year. He also highlighted the smooth running of the vote throughout the national territory from the morning of the election.
The president emphasized the reliability of the Senegalese electoral system, in which all candidates are represented in polling stations and where the Autonomous National Electoral Commission (CENA) plays a key role with a representative in each station. He specified that the provisional results would be displayed in front of each polling station immediately after the count, followed by the work of the departmental vote counting commissions, under the supervision of magistrates from the Dakar Court of Appeal.
Macky Sall recalled that only the Constitutional Council is authorized to announce the final results of the election. He firmly insisted that no candidate or political party should declare victory before this official announcement. The objective of his message was to preserve peace and stability in the country while waiting for the choice of the Senegalese to be formally validated by the competent authorities.
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