Furious mob in Bakau set police station ablaze as missing taxi driver found dead

Furious mob in Babaku set police station ablaze as missing taxi driver found dead

Yesterday, as they protested and demanded “justice, accountability, and a speedy investigation” into the death of Omar Sambou, a missing taxi driver who was found dead at the Salagi Forest earlier (yesterday), irate youths in Bakau vandalized the Bakau Police Station.Furious mob in Bakau set police station ablaze as missing taxi driver found dead

As the investigation continues, the body was at the Banjul mortuary when the report was compiled.Additionally, the missing taxi driver was a Bakau native.

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The youth, enraged, stormed the police station and demanded that the police hand over the alleged “murderer” who was being held there.

The police have made many arrests, according to information provided to The Point.At the time of this writing, however, the total number of people arrested was unknown.

As riot PIU officers used tear gas to disperse the youths, some of the enraged youngsters were also seen lighting tires on fire.Omar Sambou, the deceased, was reported missing a few days ago.The deceased, according to family members, worked and never came home.

The incident and the subsequent youth protest have been confirmed by a source who is familiar with the situation but chose to speak with The Point under the condition of anonymity.

Our source stated, “The youth vandalized the entire police station, including the Station Officer and Charge Officer’s office.”
At this time, I am unable to assert that any documents have been altered.However, the station’s diary and other documents were all discovered on the ground, according to our source when asked if any had been altered.
The youth also tried to break the padlock on the station.Notwithstanding, they couldn’t break it on the grounds that the latch serious areas of strength for was.”
According to the source, the suspect was moved to a different police station in the Kanifing Municipality yesterday for safety reasons.

The young people pleaded with the officers to hand over the suspect so that they could slap him.The vandalism was brought about by that.The circumstance is under control now.The PIU officers asked the military at Fajara Barracks to help them keep the peace.However, the military officers returned to the barracks as soon as the PIU reinforcements arrived, as the source explained.

The arrest of a suspect in the alleged murder of the missing Bakau man has been confirmed by the police, as reported in Police Magazine.