Items valued at D200,000 are donated to the Gambia Armed Forces by SSHFC


On Friday, representatives of the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) gave the Gambian army items worth more than D200,000.

The chief of the army and the minister for defence received the donated items.

President Barrow Applauds IsDBank’s Gambia Assistance

This noble deed was in response to President Barrow’s requests for institutions to provide support for the Gambia Armed Force (GAF) because the government is unable to do so on its own. The SSHFC acting managing director gave the army smart television sets, a generator, a refrigerator, and a cooker.

The handing-over ceremony, which took place at the defence ministry in Banjul, was attended by senior SSHFC staff, army chiefs, and other senior soldiers.

We are honoured to have contributed to the Gambia Armed Forces. The various items’ donation demonstrates SSHFC’s continued leadership in promoting the social well-being of its members and non-members. The Corporation is obligated by our strategic plan for 2022–2026 to support the government, communities, religious organizations, and individuals as well as to improve the standard of living of Gambians and non-Gambian members alike. Dodou Jain, the acting MD for SSHFC, commented, “This gesture clearly underscores this drive of the Corporation.”

He continued: We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the Armed Forces, on behalf of the Board and Management.

The army chief, Lieutenant General Yakuba A. Drammeh, thanked SSHFC for the kind act before receiving the items, describing them as a “timely donation and positive response from SSHFC.” He said that the government can’t do it on its own, especially in The Gambia. He also said that asking individuals or institutions to contribute to the living and working conditions of military personnel is not out of place.

Seringe Modou Njie, the defence minister, expressed his appreciation to SSHFC for leading the response to the President’s call.