Sabally Acknowledges Receiving $2000 “As Quid Pro Quo” From GACH Boss

Sabally Acknowledges Receiving $2000

Previous official undertakings serve Momodou Sabally has recognized the receipt of $2000 from Dr. Abubakary Jawara however Sabally said this was in kind of some help he accomplished for the GACH chief.Sabally Acknowledges Receiving $2000 "As Quid Pro Quo" From GACH Boss

Sabally and Dr. Jawara met in court interestingly on Friday in a day-long exhausting procedures around Dr. Jawara’s maligning suit against the previous secretary general and top of the common assistance.

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The preliminary started at some point the year before.

Driven in questioning by guard lawyer Ida Drammeh, Sabally told the Banjul High Court add-on that without his mediation, previous Gambian President Yahya Jammeh would’ve gotten GACH’s property.

“I worked on something for him in light of the fact that the President (Yahya Jammeh) needed to hold onto his property and I swayed him,” Mr. Sabally expressed when it was put to him that the GACH Chief once gave him $2000 when he moved toward him for help to distribute his book.

“Along these lines, you figured he ought to be obliged to help you,” counsel Drammeh inquired.

“I didn’t do that for cash,” answered Sabally.

Sick Aim

Driving Mr. Sabally through interrogation, counsel Drammeh attested that the “bogus” distributions that Sabally made against her client were a result of malevolence.

Alluding Mr. Sabally to one of his articles about the GACH President in which, he said, Dr. Jawara ought to be accused of financial wrongdoings for prospecting dark sand in Sanyang.

“In show PF10, you said the offended party ought to be accused of financial wrongdoings as the previous government used to,” counsel Drammeh attempted to revive Mr. Sabally’s memory.

“At the point when you said he ought to be charged in show PF10, you said he perpetrated a wrongdoing for dark sand mining,” she then tested.

“I was talking according to social promoter perspective,” answered the previous top of the common assistance.