Nioro Jattaba residents lament as unidentified persons claim their farmland.


Reliable sources said the  Youth in Nioro Jattaba on Wednesday morning erased what appeared to be markings of plots demarcation on a piece of land they initially planned to construct a community vegetable garden.

The farm on which wooden poles were put up by the unidentified person(s) in a typical land demarcation operation on Monday evening has been in the custody of farmers in Nioro.

It could be recalled in July 2022, the Police at Sankandi village ordered the stoppage of the Nioro garden construction on the basis that individuals from a neighboring village had claimed ownership of part of the land. The matter which was later presided over by the Kiang West District Chief at the time appeared unresolved.

An unnamed source in Nioro Jattaba said that the recent activity on the farm in question is a ‘classical trespass’ on their properties and that uprooting the fencing poles was a matter of must’ for them. Images from the scene show the burning of the wooden poles used to demarcate the land.

The Commissioner of Police in Mansakonko, LRR swiftly deployed a team to calm down the situation. A meeting involving representatives from Nioro Jattaba and Sankandi with the police was held where the message of peace was echoed.