27,000 workers have said to be overpaid in Central Bank system migration error


The Gambia government has confirmed that the Central Bank overpaid at least 27,000 bank accounts for November salaries as a result of a payment system error.

Some workers were paid millions of dalasis, more than they could ever earn in five years or more, according to independent sources gathered from the civil service.

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The Central Bank of the Gambia issued the following statement shortly after the news surfaced online:The CBG has begun a comprehensive upgrade and modernization of its IT and payment system infrastructure, and the public is hereby informed of this development.On November 28, 2022, trial runs were carried out, and the payment system went live.

During the process of migrating data to commercial banks, the system encountered issues that led to an overstatement of transactions.

“All commercial banks that have been diligently working with the CBG to resolve the issue have been sent error reversal messages and correct salary instructions.In this regard, banking hours have been extended to PM on Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

Throughout the time, the general public’s patience and understanding were greatly appreciated.

The Standard contacted Seedy Keita, Minister of Finance, who confirmed that the CBG made a mistake when it started a system migration.

“Actually, the new system is very effective, but it is French, and in most cases, the difference multiplied the zero digits.However, with the exception of a few instances in which there have already been withdrawals, all cases of overpayment have been recovered,” the minister stated.