Pep Guardiola applauds Messi as greatest footballer ever

Pep Guardiopa applauds Messi as greatest footballer ever

Following Argentina’s World Cup victory, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola said that Lionel Messi is the greatest player ever and wished Julian Alarvez well.Pep Guardiola applauds Messi as greatest footballer ever

Alvarez, a City striker, was a big part of his country’s victory, and Messi, who had great success at Barcelona under Guardiola, saw it as the crowning achievement of a great career.

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Previous City safeguard Nicolas Otamendi likewise had a major impact in the achievement, which was fixed in a punishment shoot-out against France in a surprising last on Sunday.

Messi’s victory solidifies his place among the game’s greatest players.

For Guardiola, who won the Bosses Association two times with Messi at Barca, that issue had never been in uncertainty.

He stated, ” Everyone has a point of view, but no one can deny that he is present. I’ve stated numerous times that he is my favorite. It is hard to comprehend how a player can show up and do what he’s finished in the last 10-15 years.

People who saw Maradona, Di Stefano, or Pele can name their favorites.

These viewpoints may take a sentimental approach.

“My opinion about what he has done for world football would not change if he had not won the World Cup, but it is normal for people to say that it depends on whether they win.

“For him, it is the culmination of an extraordinary career.”

Guardiola said he was “enchanted” for Julian Alvarez.

He played a lot, and given the way the team played, his contribution was amazing. Our team includes a world champion.

We are extremely pleased for him. His name, Nico Otamendi, and Leo Messi personally, as well as Argentina as a nation, deserve to be congratulated as well-deserved champions.